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3 Most Dangerous Sports ever Played in the World

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Sports can be proved a great source of entertainment for everyone who is involved in or a fan but now and then, injuries and even death can be cast. No doubt, most of the people like to be cool and calm and avoids to involve themselves in the dangerous sports but there also some people who love to play the dangerous sports and put themselves in a difficult situation. These types of sports games have a lot of physical contacts, and which is dangerous for health. There are many sports which will make you shocked like base jumping, Scuba diving and many more, here are some most 3 Most Dangerous Sports ever Played in the World.

1 Base Jumping

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Base jumping is on the most dangerous sports in the world, If you thought of jumping off a plane from 15,000 feet to go dangerous. Jumping from such a height will make anyone scare but some love to do that, base jumping is the type of objects people jump off. It stands for the building and the tower from where people jump off, base jumping was first developed by Carl Boenish in 1978 after that is has been in the trend.

  1. Running of the bulls
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Running of the bulls is another dangerous sport which is played by the people, it is a festival of San Fermin, Running of bulls are sports in Spain. The youngster would jump in beside the bulls to show their bravado. The run of bulls is now marked as a festival by music, dancing. The dangers of running with bulls are immense. Every year around 50-100 people gets injured due to getting crushed by the bulls.

  1. GymnasticsImage result for Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport that tests balance, strength and flexibility and control. Gymnastics is also a dangerous sport which one needs to get off with height. It the sports which invoke images of graceful women and men, the risk involved are like wrist fracture, spinal fractures, ankle sprains, cartilage damages are a common risk in Gymnastics. In May 1988 before the month of Olympics  Julissa Gomez was a victim of gymnastics during she slipped and slammed her head resulting in a neck-down paralysis until her death in 1991.

Above mentioned point is 3 Most Dangerous Sports ever Played in the World, so if you like the content don’t forget to comment down below, thank you for reading.