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Major Reasons for foul on the Football Field

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In American and Canadian football, a penalty is given to them against the team for the violation of the rule, which is known as foul. A foul is a not proper gesture by the against the player which is against the rule, foul is punished by the award to opposition team as a free-kick, the yellow flag in the hands of the referee is given on the field toward any sort of foul.

There is a list of fouls that are listed below which are detailed in law 12 of the law of the game, this is against the physical play in the field. There are some fouls which can be given on the field

Most of the time penalties are given on the field when the player is moving the ball offending team’s zone. The distance is 5, to 15-yard depending on the penalty. However, when such penalties occur then it has been the half distance to the offending team’s goal line.

Here are some brief explanations of foul which are commonly made by the players

  1. Encroachment

This foul has been given when the defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage and makes a contact with the against team before the ball passes or snapped.

  1. False startImage result for foul Football Field

A false start is also another major foul made any players on the field when the interior man in the offensive team moves to snap the ball, abrupt movement in before kick the ball

  1. Off-side

This is another common fouls made by the players on the field is that when the player’s body in crossing the line of the against team before the players of is on the scrimmage line free-kick line when the ball is put into play, within the penalty yard of 5.

  1. Holding

When is something when the defensive player tackles  or the hold the ball with 5 yard its called as carried

  1. Helmet to Helmet

When the players are using his helmet to hit another player helmet intentionally then it’s marked as foul.

  1. Horse CollarImage result for Major Reasons for foul on the Football Field

When the players tackle another player jersey form behind then it is marked as foul

Above mentioned points are some common foul made by the  players on the Football Field if you like content makes sure you comment down below and thank you for reading